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About Our Impression

We are an independent group of re-enactors, and our impression is that of a Battalion Company of Her Majesty's 19th Regiment of Foot (1st Yorks. North Riding) a.k.a. Green Howards, during the Crimean War period 1854-56.

19th Foot Montage 2010

Montage of The 19th Foot. Photograph courtesy Kevin Booth

Green Howards, 19th Regt Foot, at Wrest Park, April 2006

The 19th Foot at Wrest Park, April 2006, as part of English Heritage's "St George's Day Festival" event. Photograph courtesy of Mike Bussey.

Green Howards, 19th Regt Foot, at Berwick-on-Tweed, September 2006

The 19th Foot at Berwick-on-Tweed, September 2006, as part Berwick Borough Museum Service event to mark the end of the Crimean War, and as part of a Victorian themed weekend. Photograph courtesy of Sharon Lord.