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Brief History of the 19th Regiment of Foot

1688 - In November, the nineteenth line infantry regiment of the British Army was formed. At this time the regiment was known by the surname of its Colonel - Lutrell's Regiment.

1690 - July battle of the Boyne saw the regiment's first active service

1695 - present at the siege of Namur

1709 - On September 11th, earned its first battle honour at Malplaquet, Flanders during the campaigns of the Duke of Marlborough in 1707-1714 during the War of the Spanish Succession.

1744 - The regiment took the nickname of Green Howards in Flanders during the Wars of the Austrian Succession. As there were two regiments each commanded by a Colonel Howard, both being known as Howard's Regiment. To avoid confusion, the 3rd Foot (Thomas Howard) was named the Buff Howards, and the 19th Foot (Charles Howard) the Green Howards after the colour of their regimental facings worn on the collar and cuffs. From then on the Regiment were also known by the nickname of "The Green Howards".

1745-1747 - King George's War - Battles of Fontenoy, Roucoux, and Lauffeldt

1751 - In July, the naming of regiments after the surname of the Colonel was dropped to be replaced by the numbering system. From this date it was called the 19th Regiment of Foot.

1761 - Battle of Belleisle (Seven Years War)

1781-1782 - American War of Independence. Present at the Battles of Quinby Bridge, and Shubrick's Plantation, and Eutaw Springs.

1782 - The Regiment first became associated with, and affiliated to, the North Riding of Yorkshire when it was granted the title of "The 19th (First Yorkshire North Riding Regiment) of Foot".

1854 - The Crimean War breaks out. Regiments sees action at the Alma, Inkerman and Sevastopol.

1873 - Richmond in Yorkshire became the Regiment's home town.

1920 - "The Green Howards" became the official title of the Regiment.

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